Trip Lingua to Wayanad | 6 Day Residential English Camp
Explore and experience Wayanad on the wings of English…!!
Trip Lingua Date – February 25(6 days)
Travelling is one of the best means of learning, experiencing realities, encountering cultural oddities and picking pearls of lovable memories. it’s equally a plentiful means to learn, practice and perfect one’s second/foreign language skills in exceptionally realistic situations. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a framework that offers a toolkit of ways to deal with life’s opportunities and challenges. It is a very practical discipline, concerned with delivering results into the real world. The use of NLP has created staggering results in the lives of all. NLP brings in a monumental change in the way a person works with the self and the client. A successful Instructor with the knowledge of NLP is equipped to create a business module for self while serving the world at large. The NLP techniques that were discovered can be strongly effective in changing how you experience the world. Since our thoughts and feelings shape our reality, this means that these NLP techniques can actually reshape your entire life.
Trip lingua is a britfortian brainchild of bringing English to your lips with the same ease of speaking your mother tongue. Those who wish to improve their communication skills in English while holidaying is welcome to this program because Britfort arranges everything to take you to international tourist destinations on a trip stunningly packed with communication skills and entertainment.
English residential Camp is an ideal way to improve language skills, for students who still acquiring basic English or those who want to enrich linguistic skills and achieve fluency. Camp makes learning fun, and it’s also the starting point for friendships and unique fun. At NLP camps, students will be deeply engaged in language acquisition through daily learning, team building and through the interaction with other students there. students will, of course, speak English at these camps, one opportunity to enhance their language skills. NLP camps may also offer extra tutoring, unique English-learning activities and, simply, English language communication.
Place of departure: Britfort Academy Calicut
Accommodation for 6 days – Meals – Calicut – To – Wayanad / Wayanad – To – calicut Transportation.
Enjoying the beauty of nature, listening to stories, taking selfies and studying along the roads of Wayanad!
After 6 days of our residential camp, you will speak English very well, for sure.
Feel the nature and live in the most romantic language in the world, English
Features of our camp –
  •  English speaking practices through codes using NLP techniques.
  •  Encouraging students to think in English and Live in English
  • Focusing on practice rather than English grammar.
  • Psychological training for speaking English.
as well as.
  • Interview Training
  • Public Presentation
  •  Confidence Building
  • Gamification
  • Group Discussion
  • Debate
  • Conclave
Intensive training in such subjects ..

Entertainment Activities

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Campfire
  • Boating

📌 Admission for only 30 students in a