Are you excited by the idea of exploring spoken English and NLP Techniques?
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a framework that offers a toolkit of ways to deal with life’s opportunities and challenges. It is a very practical discipline, concerned with delivering results into the real world. The use of NLP has created staggering results in the lives of all. NLP brings in a monumental change in the way a person works with the self and the client. A successful Instructor with the knowledge of NLP is equipped to create a business module for self while serving the world at large. The NLP techniques that were discovered can be strongly effective in changing how you experience the world. Since our thoughts and feelings shape our reality, this means that these NLP techniques can actually reshape your entire life.
What you will learn-
1. How can we learn a language faster by using NLP techniques.
2. How can we use NLP in the classroom.
3. How does NLP influence in English learning.
4. Conquering mind through NLP.
5. Kill your fear of speaking English.
6. Learn English through games and activities
Come and join our one-day workshop on spoken English on 16 th February 2021 Grab the opportunity and learn with expert guidance and Knowledge. So, what are you waiting for?
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