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Terms & Conditions

  1. Students are required to adhere to proper attendance in class.
  2. Decent dress code should be followed, when video classes are taken.
  3. Leaving early or joining late for online sessions will be considered as regular attendance and won’t be compensated later. However, if the trainer is late or skipped any session, because of any technical issue, it will be compensated on the same or some other day.
  4. If any student is absent for a valid reason such as medical leave for a day or days, then the compensation classes must be attended within 7 days of their last day of the course. No classes can be substituted after that.Submit the document of leave at the office before the class.
  5. Any change in the duration of the course of time, of course, will not result in a change or reduction in fees.
  6. Any feedback or complaints related to sessions must be sent to feedback.britfort@gmail.com
  7. All payment should be payed before you join the class
  8. Fee once paid will not be redundable