The intensive Stay and Study Camps and day student of IELTS aims at equipping the learners with all the tools and mechanics of listening, speaking,reading and Writing.

The intensive stay & study camps (2 Weeks ) and day student batches are customized to upskill the healthcare professionals with the right level of English proficiency

It is an intensive 2 weeks residential program and it has a well designed customized module for steadily improving the practical command over all the four Skills of English- LSRW

The intensive stay & study camps(2 Weeks ) and day student batches (1 Month) of PTE are meant for transforming the learner’s all the macro skills in English

Trip Lingua is a Britfortian brain-child of bringing English to your lips with the same ease of speaking your mother tongue. Those who wish to improve their communication skills in English are welcome to this program.

Meant for those who wish to develop their skills to be master trainers. It deal with exclusive aspects of communicative English

BEP is designed to tailor the talents for excellent performance and communicate in professional environment and business dealings.A three-day residential program

SEP proposes an innovative approach to learning English in real time. In this you will have a native or near native English speaker always shadowing the students as they go about their day-to-day life.

It is a platform of Multiple Intelligence for students who are confused about choosing their education/career. The Clinic administers intelligence tests the talents and tastes of students.

ECME is all set to lift your English from its advanced level to an excellent phase so that your language gives you an identity and cutting edge to stand out from the rest,