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We stand out when it comes to putting the learner at the heart of the learning process and delivering an authentic ‘Living the language’ cultural experience. Our mission is to provide an unforgettable experience in communicative English. English enjoys the status of Lingua Franca in today’s globalised scenario. Here, we give you a marvellous method of learning. ‘Trip Lingua’ Stay with our trainers in a resort and live in English. Explore and experience nature on the wings of English.

Let’s walk together with our slogan,

‘Think in English Live in English’

Our Residential Camps
  • Club Package  – This camp is for companies of all sizes, from local businesses to multinational organisations. We work in most industries and have an excellent track record of delivering services across cities, regions and countries.
  • Business Package – This highly intensive camp is for business people who need to be able to use English in a range of commercial situations. The course provides a high level of input from business publications, respected excerpts from various fields, and uses case studies for discussion and English language development.
  • Elite Package -This residential camp is for busy managers, professionals and executives who need to improve their business English skills.
  • Basic Package – This camp is designed for students of almost all levels who want a good foundation of English in a wide variety of language areas.
Why Trip Lingua?

10 reasons to pursue Trip Lingua.

1. NLP based Training

2. 100% guaranteed training

3. International trainers

4. Activities oriented training

5. Fun and educational leisure Program

6. High student satisfaction

7. Camping and learning

8. Our Slogan ‘ Think in English Live in English’

9. Our concept ‘Experiential Education’

10. Exploring nature

NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) in Trip Lingua –

In the Oxford English dictionary, Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) has been defined as ” a system of alternative therapy intended to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to model and change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour”. NLP can prove to be an effective tool in English language teaching. By using the techniques of NLP we could stimulate creativity, build confidence and help in improving body language for professional life.

Activities of Trip Lingua.

Public speaking | Brain gym | Gamification | Confidence building | Musical acquisition | Cue cards | Conclave | Group Discussion | Warm-up | Debate | Vocabulary Building | Interview training | Self-presentation | Accent training | Storytelling |

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