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Travelling is one of the best means of learning, experiencing realities , encountering cultural oddities and picking pearls of lovable memories. It’s equally a plentiful means to learn, practice, and perfect one’s second/foreign language skills in exceptionally realistic situations. Yet another uniquely innovative method of learning and teaching English from Britfort is all set for take off. Trip Lingua is a Britfortian brainchild of bringing English to your lips with the same ease of speaking your mother tongue. Our trainers take you to international destinations on a trip stunningly packed with communication skills and entertainment. It is a unique blend of English and entertainment at an enticingly affordable rate.

Our special features :

Blending language and entertainment for multi-fold outcome

Opportunity for cultural encounters and visits to top-level language learning centres

Nonstop English on your lips from start to finish

Learning by going and gaining while enjoying.

We run monthly Stay & Study Camps(ACME & IELTS) of 15 days duration in which all you need to freely and effectively communicate your thoughts , feelings, emotions and professional needs in English is built up in a language rich culture and edutaining ambience.

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