Britfortian Terms

The rules and regulations to be observed by all learners at Brit Fort

I will keep the strict schedule of the program.

I will finish all my primary needs on time and will reach the class room at sharp 7.30 am.

I will use only English in the Campus during my stay here.

I will be not use mobile phone during class time.

I will be with proper dress code during class time.

I will give extra care to keep my dress, bedroom and kitchen clean and tidy always.

I will not go out except in the necessary situations. In the case of necessity I will go out only with the permission of the concerned.

I will be very keen to switch off the light, fan while leaving the bed room and class room.

I will not use any kind of drugs or smoking items.

I will not go out after 10.00 pm.

I will not keep the light on after 10.30 pm.

I will cooperate with all my colleagues and I will stretch my helping hand to all of them.

I am ready to abide by all timely instructions given by the authority of Brit Fort English Hub.

The paid amount will not be refundable in case I am not willing to continue my course.

We run monthly Stay & Study Camps(ACME & IELTS) of 15 days duration in which all you need to freely and effectively communicate your thoughts , feelings, emotions and professional needs in English is built up in a language rich culture and edutaining ambience.

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