ACME - Advanced Communicative Mastery in English

Advanced Communicative Mastery in English (ACME) is an intensive 2 weeks residential program offered at Britfort and it has a well designed and highly customised module for steadily improving the practical command over all the Four Skills of English- LSRW. The ACME module consists of four phases in which different aspects of the English language, namely grammar , structures, functional side, and proficiency level are dealt with in a down-to earth manner. The major objective of the program is to equip the learners to express their thoughts, feelings, emotions in English with great ease, accuracy and appeal.

We run monthly Stay & Study Camps(ACME & IELTS) of 15 days duration in which all you need to freely and effectively communicate your thoughts , feelings, emotions and professional needs in English is built up in a language rich culture and edutaining ambience.

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